Ethical reviews

Cherry 3I have extremely sensitive skin, which is aggravated by many soups, moisturisers and other beauty products causing an uncomfortable, itchy rash.  Not attractive, especially now summer is (said with an optimistic wink) on it’s way.  Instead of blindly trying new products until I hit upon one which didn’t aggravate me,  I started to research the reasons why I was having these problems with products which on face value appeared to be lovely smelling and often claimed to be age-defying beauty products.

I started to read ingredients lists with scary words like aluminum and parabens, and began to think, perhaps here lies the problem.

My quest coBecsy Millerntinues to find the perfect beauty products which will be as gentle on our fragile environment as they will on my sensitive skin.

As I continue trying new brands and products, I will keep you updated on my progress, and I’d love to hear all about your experiences with these products too!

Product reviews

Spiezia Organics lip balm

Aloe vera, the natural after-sun lotion

Wild Sage & Co Jojoba balm

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