Healthy recipes

I love to experiment with food and flavours from around the world, whilst buying as many of my ingredients from local producers as I can, and of course keeping my recipes as healthy as possible (chocolate Cherriesdoesn’t count!).  Here in the UK we really are spoilt for choice with a wealth of farm shops, deli’s, green grocers and pick-your-own places on our doorstep.

My healthy recipes showcase my cooking style, wholesome, hearty and flavours that pack a punch! You wont find small portions, intricate tweals and foams here (Although I am more than happy to try such food – see my eating out section!).

In this section I will present my tried and tested recipes, and I will also showcase new tastes and ingredients picked up from my travels around the UK and beyond.  Just click on the link and you should be directed to the recipe within the post.

I hope you enjoy trying these recipes out as much as I did…

Tuck in!

Becs x

Healthy fry-up with an Italian twist

Haloumi and salami salad
Salmon, ginger and coriander with asparagus
Beetroot, pine nut, spinach and feta cheese

Butternut squash and chilli soup

Snacks and starters
Savoury cherry poppers and party snacks
Melon, avocado and parma ham
Fish finger sandwhich

Lunch and dinner
Turkey coated in spicy polenta with a zingy tomato and lime salsa

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