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Cherry 3Another bite of the cherry is an up and coming healthy living & lifestyle blog.

My aim is to bring to life and discuss many of the exciting new developments in health, beauty and ethical living, from the down-to-earth perspective of someone who has been there and understands what it means to juggle the many aspects of a modern lifestyle.

As part of the blogging community I have a strong desire to support other bloggers out there and so I am happy to link with other blogs and accept guest posts from like-minded bloggers.  Drop me a line if you are interested.

Likewise I am happy to advertise your business on this blog.  This is a great way for you to promote your blog or business, encouraging new traffic and customers to your website through an advert with embedded link, plus shout-outs on Twitter!  Please note I will only consider those businesses whose ethos is firmly in line with that of myself and my readers. If you would like to sponsor Another bite of the cherry in this way please contact me for monthly rates.

I am also pleased to consider giveaways or to include promotional codes for my readers, again only for products and services which are truly in line with the healthy and ethical nature of my blog.  I will consider product reviews, but bear in mind I will always be 100% honest about any product I review, whether good or bad, and I will always tell my readers if I have been approached to review a product.  If you are interested, then please do contact me.

Finally, if you would like to discuss specific PR opportunities with Another bite of the cherry then please email me on

I look forward to hearing from you! Cherry 3

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