Healthy living with a pinch of fabulousness!

Cherry 3 Hello there!

I’m Becsy.  I live in the wet and windy sunny South West of England, and regularly enjoy visiting many of the great restaurants, delis and interesting shops selling a fantastic array of produce from the best that Britain has to offer.

I love food, I love travel, and I love beauty.  I’m really (whisper it) not very into excersize.  A little while ago I had a mini-crisis of sorts.  Winter for me was blighted by cold after cold, sniffle after never ending sniffle.  And then, just as I thought the worst was abating, I suffered a full-blown attack of the flu which knocked me out for over a week.  Working in a pretty sedentary 9-5 office job, and by no means getting younger, I began to seriously think about my lifestyle and how it was affecting my health.

Around the same time, I found out my lovely charity job was going to be made redundant.  The second time in a row this had happened to me, I sank into a cave of low self confidence, worry and depression, which eventually led me to visit my doctor.  Riddled with insecurities, I began to look back on all the choices I had made in my twenties and  wander what if?

It’s so easy to look back and think ‘if only I’d done that’… it’s so easy to think ‘well, it’s too late now, I’ll never again be thin/fit/motivated/happy (delete as appropriate)’.

As my health and happiness deteriorated, I started to do more and more research into the subject, and increasingly began to think about how my lifestyle choices affected not only my body, but also my mental well being.  The more I read, the more I wanted to try things out, and the more I tried things out, the more excited and happy I became.  I started to think to myself, what if it wasn’t too late? What if this was actually a blessing in disguise… what if this was my chance to have…

Another bite of the cherryCherry 3

In this blog, I talk frankly about my love of food and my struggles to maintain my weight, my growing interest in natural beauty routines and remedies, and my increasing dalliance with excersize (yes, even me!).  Don’t get me wrong, I still love a pint of cider and a cheeky bottle glass of wine (eek!!).  I love to go out dancing until dawn, and I LOVE chocolate.  But now it’s all about balance.  I’m still learning, and I hope some of my thoughts and findings will help you too.

Thanks for stopping by!

Becs x


Chocolate cake
I love to bake
Peas pudding I adore you!
On this I’ll write
throughout the night
and hopefully I wont bore you.

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  1. Christina says:

    Thanks for following! Look forward to reading more of your blog!

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