Healthy snacking – Fit & Trim bars

I’ve been lucky enough to be sent some Fit & Trim bars to try.


Fit and Trim bars

Now although I’m not an advocate of missing meals or meal replacement diet plans, there are times in my busy schedule when I just want to grab a quick snack without eating a packet of crisps or fattening chocolate bar. And yes, chocolate is my weakness!

At times like these, I like to have some kind of oaty flapjack type bar in my handbag – and these are ideal.

Fit & Trim health-bars have been developed by Lance Geringer, a trained exercise kinesiologist from Los Angeles. With almost 30 years of knowledge and experience behind him, he produced the bars with the aim of providing the correct ratios of protein, carbohydrates and fats to curb hunger, while using the best ingredients to satisfy cravings – such as tasty pieces of dried fruit, or real dark chocolate.  The bars are relatively low in calories, sugar, saturated fat and sodium, and perhaps just as important, they are filling, which means you are less likely to continue snacking or succumb to cravings. They have no artificial nasties in them either.

This is what Geringer says: “Diets fail due to hunger and cravings, and adding exercise actually increases both. I developed the Fit & Trim bars to answer these problems, allowing the dieter to continue their eating plan and lose more weight. They are the only bars in the market that do this.”

The taste

OK so enough of the science, how do they actually taste?

Well, they have a nice natural oaty consistency – a bit like a flapjack but not too sweet. The bars come in two flavours – Double Chocolate or Apricot & Cranberry. The chocolate bars have chunks of real chocolate and a satisfying texture – perfect for chocolate lovers like me. The fruit bars contain real fruit which adds a nice burst of sweetness and they are nice and moist. I ate one bar on a busy morning when I hadn’t had enough time for breakfast (slapped wrists!), and the other in the afternoon when I was off to an early evening Pilates class (more on that in a future post!) and wanted to fill-up without eating a massive meal. Both times I was left full without being bloated, and I had no desire to reach for the junk-food at all.

‘OK, I’m sold, where do I get them?’

You can order them direct from the Fit & Trim Bar website where you can get two bars for £3.90 (bargain!) or a box of 20 for £25.


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