Positive thaughts and life-changing experiences

PositivityThe power of positive thinking is a phrase often bandied around, without much thought for what it actually means, and how, exactly, can we harness this power?

This is something I have been thinking a lot about recently. My life has changed beyond recognition in the last 2 years. I now have my own business, I am my own boss, I’m living the dream, getting to be creative every day and forge my own way in the world. For the first time really, I am in control. This is all very positive.

But when the wheels were set in motion and I launched into this new life, it wasn’t because I had made any positive life decisions, I wasn’t even following I long cherished dream. It was, in fact, fear and anxiety that initially drove me. Fear of being unemployed as redundancy loomed ominously on the horizon. Fear of sinking into that damp, musty place of mornings spent loafing in bed and afternoons in front depressing daytime TV.

As the fear increased, so did the creativity. This is something I had never experienced before. It was exciting! And the more excited I became, the less fear I felt, and the more positive I became. The more positive I became, the more confident and less anxious I felt. As my confidence in my idea and my ability grew, I tried new things, and when they worked, I felt even more excited, spurring me on to try even more new things. I began to speak to people, not just friends and acquaintances, but strangers, others on their own path to being their own boss. People I could learn from, and people who I could pass on my own experiences to. More and more doors began to open, and I began to have even more ideas.  ‘Where am I going to find the time for all this?’ I thought. ‘It’s so exciting!’

And this, I think, illustrates how the power of positivity really works. It’s taking a bad situation, and somehow managing to find a positive, a good, and even an exciting. It’s embracing change instead of hiding away, and seeing where it takes you. It’s not necessarily following you dreams, but more, letting your dreams find you – and running with them! Be open to people and experiences, harness the excitement of the uncertain and the new, run with your ideas, and see where they take you, and let the energy of life drive you every day. That, I believe is the power of positivity, and it really can lead you to change your life forever.

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2 Responses to Positive thaughts and life-changing experiences

  1. It certainly does seem exciting, I’m so happy for you! I really want to hear more about your journey too – we need to make that happen! Interestingly I posted about unemployment this morning and how it helped me grow and learn and change. It doesn’t feel great at the time, but looking back I think there’s a lot to be thankful for! x

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