Alternative recipe for left-over turkey

The season of good will, mulled wine and turkey in abundance is well and truly upon us.  Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas in my household without the traditional turkey with all the trimmings.

We always get a big bird from Aune Valley Meat in Devon, a family run butchery, delicatessen and farm shop supplying locally-reared meat which has been farmed with high welfare standards – extremely important in my book if like me you are a carnivore.

Turkey is a great meat if you are eating healthy.  Cooked well, it’s succulent, tasty and very low in fat.  However cooked for too long and it can become dry and chewy – not so great!

I love to have enough turkey left over from Christmas lunch to enjoy the obligatory turkey and stuffing sandwiches in the evening, and of course a hearty cold buffet following a wind-swept walk to the beach on boxing day.  Festive heaven!

But what happens on day three, when you STILL have turkey left over to polish off, but you fancy something a bit lighter?  Well, I thought I would share one of my favourite recipe’s with you – Turkey with spicy polenta crust and a zingy salsa.  It’s a great alternative for using up the left-over meat, and can also be cooked with fresh turkey or chicken fillets – just hammer the fillets out a bit and dry-fry on a low heat for 15-20 minutes instead of 5-10.

Turkey and polenta crust


Pop a sweet potato in a hot oven to slowly bake.  They take about 45 minutes to an hour and provide a fabulous, healthy and satisfying alternative to traditional baked potatoes. Mix about half a cup of polenta with a good pinch of salt and pepper, and some cayenne pepper to taste – I like it quite spicy! Place in a shallow bowl, whisk up one egg and place that in a separate shallow bowl.  Slice a nice thick piece of turkey breast and first dip it into the whisked egg, then coat it in the polenta mix.  The egg helps the mix to stick to the meat.

Heat up a frying pan on the hob, and add your oil of choice.  I like to use fry-light because it is only 1 kcal per spray and acts as a healthy alternative to traditional oil.  Gently fry the slice on both sides until it is warmed through and the polenta has formed a crunchy crust – about 5-10 minutes.

Meanwhile to make the salsa, chop tomatoes, spring onions, coriander, and a chilli.  Add to a bowl and mix in some sweetcorn kernels.  Finish with the juice of two limes and a pinch of salt and pepper – zingy and fresh!

I like to serve with some green beans which have been lightly boiled so they remain crisp and fresh, and some sweet-chilly sauce on the side.  The perfect antidote to the Christmas bloat!

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