Morning inspiration


I’m lucky enough to have grown up near to the sea, and although I now live in a city, Bristol is on the waterfront so if I need a daily dose of soothing water I can just pop down to the Harbourside and listen to the sea gulls.

This picture was taken at Blackpool Sands in Devon a lovely beach, glorious in the summer and dramatically desolate in the winter months. Whenever I feel a bit glum I just look at this picture, shut my eyes and imagine I am here with the warm sun on my face and let it re-energize me for the day ahead.

Cherry 3

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2 Responses to Morning inspiration

  1. Erin Willet says:

    I’m the same way! I grew up on the water. It’s always been somewhat therapeutic for me. Now I live about 2 hours inland so I really appreciate it when I make it out to the coast 🙂

  2. Becsy says:

    Oh yes me too, and it’s even better when it’s warm enough to swim, quite rare here in the UK!

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