Me, my body and I

I had a bit of an epiphany when walking outside this afternoon. I was thinking about something I had been discussing with my sister last night. Having been pretty healthy recently, I had come to the conclusion that I was someone who is really affected by what I eat/ drink. My sister said to me: ‘I think everyone’s mind and body is, that’s why so many people choose a healthy lifestyle’.

Ah yes, I thought, it’s true, we really are what we eat. I’ve always been someone who tends to push the boundaries a bit, how much can I drink on a night out? I’ll just have one more slice of pizza although I’m really not hungry… Perhaps I should just finish the whole packet of biscuits then it wont be there tomorrow!

After many a long night in the pub I have been heard to say: ‘Oh I gave my body a bit of a battering last night’.

After many a food binge I will wail: ‘My poor body, what have I done to it?’

So, what was my epiphany?

My body IS ME!

That may sound obvious to many of you, but I suddenly realised that for years I have been thinking of my body as a separate entity to my being. Something which can be treated well or abused. Something which can be pushed to the extreme. My enemy when I feel fat. My best friend when I fit into that old pair of jeans. But somehow not ME.

I’ve always thought of my body as something which is linked to, but definitely not part of, my mind, my soul and my being. And I realised this is where I have been going wrong all these years. I hear the term ‘holistic’ bandied around, and I really thought I knew what it meant and tried to live by that philosophy. But how can I have been if I consider my body to be some mass of flesh which I can use and abuse without affecting my wellbeing?

So that’s it! From now on, no more lamenting my poor body. MY BODY IS ME, and so I must take full responsibility for every part of it, and yes, cheesy as it sounds, learn to embrace it for all it’s worth.

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