Aloe vera, the natural after-sun

The healing properties of the Aloe vera plant have been well documented. It’s a succulent plant (which means it’s thick and fleshy!), thought to have originated in North Africa. Aloe has long been used to hydrate the skin, making it especially useful when applied to sunburnt skin.

Aloe vera

There are many different gels, creams, pastes and even tablets containing Aloe vera which are sold on the market. But I have discovered recently, by far the most affective, and cheapest, way of applying it is straight from the plant itself.

You may have noticed from my picture, I have a very small nose, angled perfectly to catch the sun, even when it’s not sunny! Normally I end up with a red,pealing nose regardless of the amount of sunblock I apply, but not this summer!

To use Aloe straight from the plant, snap one of the upright leaves close to the base. You will find a clear, gel like liquid inside which you can squeeze onto your hands.

Aloe vera 2

Apply the gel directly to the skin, you will find it sinks into the skin quickly and easily, and voila! The perfect, and free, after-sun lotion!

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