The dream – The Big Blog Exchange

16 bloggers from across the world exchange lives. What an adventure!

I’ve applied to take part in the Big Blog Exchange.  Run by Hostelling International, 16 Bloggers from across the world will be selected to swap lives for 10 days in June, and blog all about it!

I am so excited about the prospect of taking part, I even had a dream about it recently! OK so it’s a long shot, but it’s certainly worth a try, and I would be absolutely chuffed to bits if you would take the time to vote for me and my lil blog.  I promise to try as many new things as I could possible cram into the 10 days, and of course to tell everyone all about it!  To vote, just click on the image below and follow the instructions:

For those who are interested, here is my motivation for applying to take part.  Really and truly, I could have written reasons forever!

When I first heard about the Big Blog Exchange, my mind was blown by the opportunity this presents, and I immediately started mentally making a list of all the reasons why I would love to take part. And then I got to thinking, this isn’t just about me, this is about everyone. This is about all the avid blog followers, and all the places they would visit through my writing. This is about the experiences I would have, but it’s also about the experiences of the person who swaps with me. I started to think about my little corner of the world, and why someone would want the opportunity to visit here, to walk in my shoes, to taste my tastes and hear my sounds. I live in Bristol, in the South West of England. Only 1.5 hours from the bright lights of London, with its 24 hour life of food and drink and clubs and a buzzing fashion metropolis, but also 1 hour from the rugged coastline and rolling sand dunes of South Wales, or the mountains of the Lake District, Bristol really does have the best this world can offer. Laid back and fun, the people of Bristol are interesting, diverse and friendly. Home of emerging music such as drum and base and dub step, you could just as easily find yourself partying until dawn as tucked up in an ancient country pub with a pint of ale and a home cooked pie. I blog about the places I visit and the food I eat – food to me is a gateway to other cultures, the opportunity the scratch below the surface and find out how the locals really live. I’ve met some of my favourite people, and had some of my most meaningful conversations over a bowl of the local delicacy. My blog is new, but my themes are as old as life itself – good food, friendship and adventure! If I were to take part, I would bring you on this adventure with me.

The dream:
So, where would be my dream destination?  Somewhere hot, packed with history, and (of course!) lots of great food to try…..
Somewhere like Egypt

Keep dreaming, it might just happen! 🙂

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2 Responses to The dream – The Big Blog Exchange

  1. Vohn says:

    Oh, how exciting this would be Holliday – I hope you get it, so I’ve added my vote. Thank you so much for following my blog, welcome! Vohn x

  2. Holliday Miller says:

    Thank you so much Vohn 🙂 I really appreciate your vote… fingers crossed! x

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